What Services Do Trucking Companies Provide?

Trucking companies provide a variety of services, from dedicated fleet services to road transport solutions. Learn more about what services they offer.

What Services Do Trucking Companies Provide?

Trucking companies provide a variety of services to their customers, from dedicated fleet services to road transport solutions. Road transport is a form of land transportation that moves cargo from one point to another. Trucks use shipping routes to deliver shipments for various industries, allowing for the transport of large or small shipments, as well as those that require special conditions. Shipping by truck can also be economical, especially when leaving from a major port.

When it comes to shipping and transportation logistics, it's important to hire a local transportation company with years of experience and knowledge in both logistics and road transport. Rental truck carriers often hire their trucks, trailers, and drivers to other companies that need their services. These companies don't manufacture or ship their own products, so their business model is based on the freight demands of other companies. Part-load carriers are a great option for shipments that weigh more than 100 pounds but less than a full load.

We help customers every step of the way, from sorting cargo to choosing the right transportation service. Our free freight quote system offers instant quotes for part-load shipments. A lift gate is a lock on the back of a semi-trailer or flatbed truck that can be mechanically raised and lowered to load and unload cargo. A lift gate may not be necessary if the pick-up location has a forklift or loading dock.

Shipping furniture through a transportation service with white gloves is more suitable for fragile items that require special packaging and handling. FreightCenter logistics experts organize trucking services on behalf of one million companies in the United States. Direct truck delivery is a method for getting cargo from one place to another quickly and efficiently. Road transport is tried and tested in the industry, but shipment sizes are usually much larger and the truck used for shipping may also be larger.

Transportation contracts are often moved and offered to other transport companies so they can tender. Each company has different relocation packages, so some may offer moving packages that require the driver to pack the bags at the customer's home with local help. The main purpose of a trucking company is to transport full loads of goods from one place to another, although some may be called to pick up small items. When choosing the best transportation service for your next shipment, there are several factors you should consider, such as part-loading companies that have their drivers and dispatchers schedule delivery or pick-up at the customer's home or local distribution center. Trucking services are generally categorized into their own specialties.