How Can Trucking Companies Make Money and Maximize Profits?

Learn how trucking companies can make money and maximize profits by developing direct relationships with carriers, factoring bills for jobs, increasing fleet size and more.

How Can Trucking Companies Make Money and Maximize Profits?

Shipping companies often find shippers indirectly by using intermediaries called freight forwarders or by using online publications called loading tables. While these services are useful, they also charge a fee, reducing your profits. To maximize your profit margin, it is important to develop your own direct relationships with carriers. The success of a transport company is dependent on the benefits it can generate annually. Companies that operate their trucks for many kilometers without cargo will suffer losses, leading to a decrease in profits and an increase in expenses.

But is the trucking business profitable? At first glance, the statistics suggest that it is not. The National Association of Small Transportation Companies reported that only 15% of new transportation companies will survive their first year of operation. Factoring is a great way to get paid quickly for a job. You can sell your bills to an outside financial company, also known as a factor. This way, you can receive the money right away (minus the factor fee) instead of waiting the 30 or more days it usually takes for an agent to process your bill.

Meanwhile, the factoring company tracks the broker's down payment so you don't have to. A common complaint among carriers revolves around the struggle to negotiate with brokers. Part 1 of a 3-part series. One of the most obvious ways to expand your trucking business is to increase the size of your fleet. Leasing and financing equipment with National Funding can help lower the barrier to a larger fleet and make your business more profitable than ever.

Unless you know exactly how much it costs to run your trucking business, you can never set a per-mile rate to charge customers that will generate profits. Successful companies are those that can foster long-lasting, trusting relationships with different customers. Trucks and fuel not only cost a lot, but they also add up the costs of hiring the right employees, security officers and managers. The most successful companies in this industry work hard to carry out cost analysis in their market and in their direct competition, and then compare those costs with their own operating costs in order to find a good profit margin for the company that also makes them competitive with customers. Acquiring additional cargo to keep trucks moving and maximize equipment utilization is a major challenge. The more you can scale and grow your company, the more confident you are that your trucking business is profitable.

If they break down too often or if they consume too much fuel, this problem increases the company's expenses, reducing its chances of competing with other companies working to improve the efficiency of their trucks. Establishing a competitive mile rate that attracts customers and supports your company's results is critical to the success of your transportation company. To make big money in the trucking business, every truck and driver must perform with maximum efficiency. As of now, most trucking companies' biggest concern is how to market their trucking business to earn more loaded miles. So, when you need a transportation company, make sure you choose one that has a proven track record. From raw materials to finished products, goods start in one place and end up in another, so there is always a need for transport companies.

IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) members pay specific taxes on fuel regardless of where it was purchased, so buying fuel with the lowest base price can save transportation companies an enormous amount of money by reducing the cost per mile and allowing for competitive pricing. An inexperienced driver may think that owner-operators or owners of truck fleets earn money simply by picking up the cargo, delivering it and billing the customer. However, there are many other factors involved in making sure that a trucking business is profitable.